• Zhuqi Li

    Ph.D. student at Princeton University


    Hey! I am Zhuqi Li (click to get pronunciation), a third-year Ph.D. student at PAWS group, advised by Prof. Kyle Jamieson. My research focus is networking and system.

  • Contact Info


    zhuqil [at] cs [dot] princeton [dot] edu


    35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ


    (+1) 609 - 3757 - 506

  • Experience

    Princeton University

    2017/08 - Now

    PhD student in Computer Science

    Microsoft Research

    2019/06 - 2019/09

    Peking University

    2013/09 - 2017/07

    B.S. (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science

    Microsoft Research Asia

    2016/04 - 2016/06 and 2016/09 - 2017/06

    Research Intern in System and Algorithm Group

    Carnegie Mellon University

    2016/06 - 2016/09

    Visiting Scholar in HCII

  • Projects

    Programmable Radio Environment

    Advisor: Kyle Jamieson

    Programmable Radio Environment (PRESS) is a project that focuses on facilitating wireless network with physical-layer programmability. We are seeking to answer two questions: how to endow the wireless channel with the maximum level of programmability; how to solve hard problems in wireless network with programmable radio environment.

    Project Spider

    Spider is an ultra high throughput, reliable relay wireless network infrastructure to support large scale video analytic applications. It supports high accuracy video analytics system with application-centric network design and optimization 


    Path-Guide is a scalable navigation system, which uses peer to peer navigation as incentives to collect indoor traces and reconstructs the indoor trace map by concatenating different trace segments. Combining traditional signal processing and machine learning techniques, I designed a model to rearrange the segments in different traces and cast them into indoor maps. Based on this research, we developed a general commercial indoor navigation system, making indoor navigation see its future of getting wide development for the first time.

    Urban Analytics

    Advisor: Jason Hong

    Urban Analytics is a project that evaluates the neighborhoods of a city by analyzing geo-tagged tweets. By combining analysis on both topic and sentiment domain, I was able to extract the features of different neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

  • Publication

    Towards Programming the Radio Environment with Large Arrays of Inexpensive Antennas, NSDI 2019

    Zhuqi Li, Yaxiong Xie, Longfei Shangguan, Rotman Ivan Zelaya, Jeremy Gummeson, Wenjun Hu, and Kyle Jamieson

    Incrementally-deployable Indoor Navigation with Automatic Trace Generation, IEEE INFOCOM 2019

    Yuanchao Shu*, Zhuqi Li*, Börje F. Karlsson, Yiyong Lin, Thomas Moscibroda, and Kang G. Shin (* co-primary)

    Population Distribution Projection by Modeling Geo Homophily in Online Social Networks, ICCSE 2017 (Best Paper Award)

    Yuanxing Zhang, Zhuqi Li, Kaigui Bian, Yichong Bai, Zhi Yang, and Xiaoming Li


    Demo: Towards Flexible and Scalable Indoor Navigation, ACM MobiCom 2017

    Zhuqi Li, Yuanchao Shu, Börje F. Karlsson, Yiyong Lin, and Thomas Moscibroda


    On Diffusion-restricted Social Network: A Measurement Study of WeChat Moments, IEEE ICC 2016

    Zhuqi Li, Lin Chen, Yichong Bai, Kaigui Bian, and Pan Zhou

    [PDF] [Bibtex] [DOI]

    Look into My Eyes: Fine-grained Detection of Face-screen Distance on Smartphones, IEEE MSN 2016

    Zhuqi Li, Weijie Chen, Zhenyi Li, and Kaigui Bian


  • Teaching

    Introduction to Computer System (Peking University)

    Teaching Assistant, Fall 2015

    Advanced Computer Networks (Princeton University COS 561)

    Teaching Assistant, Fall 2018

  • Awards and Honors

    • ICCSE 2017 Best Paper Award
    • Top Ten Undergraduate Dissertation Award, School of EECS, Peking University, 2017
    • Founder Scholarship, Peking University, 2016
    • Innovation Award, Peking University, 2016
    • Pacemaker to Merit Student, Peking University, 2016
    • Award of Excellence, Microsoft Research, 2016
    • Lee Wai Wing Scholarship, Peking University, 2015
    • Innovation Award, Peking University, 2015
    • Merit Student Award, Peking University, 2015
    • First Award in Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Peking University, 2015
    • First Award in AI Game Contest, Peking University, 2014